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Screen%20Shot%202016-12-14%20at%2012.44.51%20PM.png Kristen Martin as Mimi and Bobbie Conte Thornton as Carlo in A Comedy of Tenors at Cleveland Play House, Photo by: Roger Mastroianni

"Ken Ludwig is a comedic genius...A Comedy of Tenors is full of non-stop hilarity."
-Princeton Found

“Sometimes, whether through divine intervention or the heights of human inspiration, art is elevated to a higher level and becomes transcendent. Evidence of this can be found in the masterworks of Monet, Mozart, Michelangelo and, now, Ludwig.”

- The New Herald

“Everything in this world premiere sparkles – from its set and sumptuous period … to the winning performances of its superb cast.”

“From conception to execution, everything about “A Comedy of Tenors” hits on all comedic cylinders and, as advertised, is laugh-out-loud funny.”

– The New Herald

“Karl Marx…once said that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.” In Ludwig’s case, the history of his plays begin as farce and repeat as transcendent comedy sure to have a long life and remarkable success."
– Cleveland Jewish News

“Laugh after laugh greets one improbable scene after another. Ludwig knows no ridiculous limits.”

“Playwright Ken Ludwig has hit the jackpot again with his fast-paced, over-the-top farce A Comedy of Tenors…”
– Beacon Journal

“If you love farce, if you go to the theater to have a good time, you must see A COMEDY OF TENORS.”



Screen%20Shot%202016-12-14%20at%2012.33.34%20PM.png Lucas Hall as Watson and Gregory Wooddell as Holmes in Baskerville at McCarter Theatre and Arena Stage. Photo by Margot Shulman

“Ingeniously funny … Ludwig had done a remarkable job adapting Doyle's story to the stage while putting his own twist on a classic.”
Broadway World

“Comedy gold … [Baskerville] finds the perfect mix of slapstick and thrills.”

“★★★★½. Theatrical bliss … this is a winning evening of enjoyment.”
DC Metro Theater Arts

“Dazzling … Baskerville [is] a master class in olde tyme theatre and a bellyful of laughs.”
MD Theatre Guide

“Comedy is a rarity in our town. Silliness even rarer. If that’s what’s missing in your life, then it’s elementary, my dear reader. Get to Arena Stage.”

DC Theatre Scene

“Side-splittingly funny.”
Woman Around Town

“Comical and contemporary. An elementary must-see.”
K Street Magazine (formerly K Street Kate)

"Ken Ludwig’s Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery is pure theatrical delight from start to finish. The comedy-mystery from the award-winning playwright provides nonstop action, laughs and thrills on every level."

San Diego Jewish World

“Baskerville is a joy. It’s hilarious and ridiculous and incredibly well done.”

Baker Street Babes


Letter%20reading%20small.jpg The cast of The Game's Afoot at Cleveland Play House. Photo by Roger Mastroianni

"An inspired whodunit…a snappy, clever drawing-room mystery. There are twists in playwright Ken Ludwig’s The Game’s Afoot that cause the audience to gasp."
-The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The Game’s Afoot is Murderously Funny!”
-Broadway World Cleveland

"The play evolves like a mystery thriller, as one tantalizing clue leads to another….In 1936, at the height of the Great Depression, people flocked to the theater for a few hours of escapism from hard times. Today, in our current recession, here is an antidote and the ideal holiday present - the gift of laughter.”
-Cleveland Jewish news

“Ludwig demonstrates the theatrical equivalent of perfect pitch, both in this new work and in his past efforts.”
-Cleveland Scene

"From the intriguing opening mini play within a play to the surprise last scene a split second before final curtain, The Game’s Afoot gives you everything you love about great live theatre. Billed as a comedy thriller you will find yourself swept along for a wild and funny ride.”
-Cleveland Examiner

"a hilarious, quirky and thrilling alternative to your standard holiday entertainment. The Game’s Afoot is the perfect gift for the holidays..a fantastically fun night out at the theatre. It’s something we can be proud of as a city”
-Clue into

“The Game’s Afoot will be performed by professional and community theaters across the country. Certainly this production is Broadway quality.”


Andrew Long, Holly Twyford and Jeff McCarthy
Photo by Scott Suchman

"It’s a grand slam! A slam dunk! A Dunkin’ Donut hole! A hole in one! A Fox on the Fairway hums like a well-oiled machine but retains its human soul."
The Washington City Paper

"Hilarious! There's great fun waiting for you with "A Fox on the Fairway."

The Fairfax Times


"When future historians try to find the exact moment at which Broadway finally rose up to grab the musical back from the British, they just may conclude that the revolution began last night. The shot was fired at the Shubert Theater, where a riotously entertaining show called Crazy for You uncorked the American musical's classic blend of music, laughter, dancing, sentiment and showmanship with a freshness and confidence rarely seen during the Cats decade. The miracle has been worked here most ingeniously, though not exclusively, by an extraordinary choreographer named Susan Stroman and the playwright Ken Ludwig."
Frank Rich, New York Times

NSMT Two Tenors.jpg
David Coffee and Jeffry Denman

"It is heaven on earth. Everything an American musical comedy should be."
The New Yorker

"It's no easy task writing a new book for a half a dozen of the best songs ever written for Broadway, and keeping the style of the song-writers, especially when they happen to be named George and Ira Gerwhin, but that's just what Lend Me A Tenor's Ken Ludwig has done with his newest, Crazy For You, the absolutely smashing, razzle-dazzle musical which opened Wednesday night at the Shubert Theater."

"The brass and the gold of Broadway are back! Ludwig excels in wonderful vaudeville put-down and shows off his neat timing for comedy. Crazy For You will doubtless have audiences crazy for it through a blissfully indefinite future."
The New York Post

"An explosion of joy! Something scrumptious indeed. Things are looking up!"
The New York Daily News

"A firecracker of a show! A fizzy new libretto by Ken Ludwig and the choreography of your dreams by Susan Stroman."
USA Today

"This show has enough energy to light up Broadway for a decade, and that's how long it may run. Crazy For You is a knockout smash hit."
WNYW-New York

"Ken Ludwig delivers surprise after surprise. He has written one of the funniest shows around.;
The Philadelphia Inquirer

"A Great Broadway Musical! A show to take your kids to. … A show friends come in from out-of-town just to see!"

"Pure Joy! The concept is brilliant."

"A knockout smash hit! Great music, witty lyrics … and a nonstop sense of fun."

"Wow! What at show! It is absolutely fabulous!"

"Broadway's newest hit! It's terrific!"

"Frantically funny!"
Malden Observer


"One of the classic comedies of the 20th century."
The Washington Post

"A remarkable piece of theatre … a masterpiece … Author Ken Ludwig has verve, a sound grasp of plot mechanics and a rare ability to couple high art with low comedy."
The London Times

“One of the two great farces by a living writer.”
The New York Times

"The most inventive, original farce in a long time …"

"A furiously paced comedy with more than a touch of the Marx brothers … A marvelous combination of wonderful farcical moments and funny lines. …"
Time Out

Peter Maloney as Saunders - Romain Fruge as Max - Patrick Quinn as Tito

"Hilariously over the top."
The Manchester Guardian

"Fills the theatre with the sound of laughter."
The (London) Sunday Express

"Free flowing honest-to-goodness unforced farce."
New York Magazine

"It's hilarious … The funniest show on Broadway."

"The Big Winner!"
New York Daily News

"Non stop laughter."

"Uproarious! Hysterical!"
USA Today.

"A rib tickling comedy."
The New York Post.

"Screamingly funny!"
CBS Radio.

[A] three-ring circus of chaos involving celebrity worship, backstage shenanigans and mistaken identities.
Desert News


"Playwright Ken Ludwig is to contemporary domestic stage comedy what Arthur Miller was to the dramatic theater of his time...With "Be My Baby," he may have unlocked the mystery of filling theater seats."
Contra Costa Times


"A gentler brand of comedy … It's a pleasure to encounter a comedy about two mature individuals. [I]t's perfect."
The Houston Chronicle

"Funny, filled with laughs and a whole lot of fun!"
Contra Costa Times

Dixie Carter as Maud - Hal Holbrook as John

"Packs a memorable, quiet punch for theatergoers."
The Houston Press

"The "don't miss" show of the season, a funny, feel-good kind of show that makes you warm all over."
Southwest News


"A charming show."
Boston Globe

"A warm, and affectionate behind the scenes look at this tempestuous, hilarious relationship."
Middlesex News

"For fans of the duo's music, Sullivan and Gilbert is a must-see."
Contra Coasta Times


"'Shakespeare in Hollywood' will charm your socks off. It left me smiling in my Amtrak aisle seat all the way home to New York."
The Wall Street Journal

"Shakespeare in Hollywood is so deliciously inventive, you'd swear Ludwig and the Bard were in cahoots. At once poignant and funny, literary and farcical, sophisticated and silly, political and fanciful, high-brow and low-brow … a delight!"
The Baltimore Sun

"Lights, camera, action -- there's plenty of it in Ken Ludwig's fantastical farce … Ludwig has constructed an amazingly dense and layered romp [and] clearly had a ball fusing Shakespearean diction with the wisecracking verbal jousting that characterized pre-World War II comedies."
The Boston Globe

Ellen Karas as Louella Parsons - Adam Richman as Jimmy Cagney (Arena Stage)

"A fast, funny, entertaining night."

"Mischief, mayhem and laughter abound as the Good Theater tackles this farcical notion in Ken Ludwig's devilishly funny play "Shakespeare in Hollywood." ...There's never a dull moment in this fun-filled piece."
The Portland Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram

"Wit Makes a Hit!"
The Advocate, Baton Rouge LA


"This makes you fall in love with the theater all over again! . . . A really good time!"
Journal News

"Perfection! . . . A nostalgic moment of flawless parody . . . If you need to laugh, don't miss this one!"
Liz Smith

"A sparkling champagne cocktail of a play, dahlings, that has aged well if not perfectly!"
Mercury News

N.Y. Post

"Vintage snap and crackle!"
Newark Star Ledger

Cropped and Resized to 400 - Alec Baldwin Anne Heche and Co.jpg
(l-r) Alec Baldwin, Dan Butler, Anne Heche, Julie Halston, Tom Aldredge

"A thrilling funhouse ride!"
The New Yorker

"A Hoot!"
The Wall Street Journal

"A breathless joyride! Hysterical, madcap mayhem!"


"Hit Ahoy! Treasure Island is the answer to every adventure-starved child's prayers: a racy, pacy, tough-as-old-boots adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's swashbuckling classic. A Festive Treat to Tresure!"
London Telegraph

"Ken Ludwig's new adaptation of Treasure Island is a meaty, powerfully staged evening aboard the good ship Hispaniola … Nothing here conforms to tradition or expectation …Ludwig invents a new spine to Robert Louis Stevenson's great story of skulduggery and gold-digging on the high seas!"
What's On Stage

"Five Stars! Ken Ludwig's new version invests a gripping yarn with a genuinely rough-and-ready buccaneering spirit. It flies the flag for good-old fashioned ensemble story-telling...X marks the spot of a bona fide festive treat!"
London Telegraph

"Ken Ludwig's skillfully filleted account of Robert Louis Stevenson's imperishable a delightful surprise."
The Independent

"Adapted with respectful enthusiasm and savvy showmanship by playwright Ken Ludwig ... the show could usefully serve many youngsters as an introduction to the magic of live theater."

"[A] streamlined and often exciting entertainment for audiences of all ages."

John Feltch as Captain Flint and NOble Shropshire as Jemmy Rathbone.jpg
John Feltch as Captain Flint and Noble Shropshire as Jemmy Rathbone
PC: Joel Peter Johnson

"Parents searching high and low for adult-friendly, non-red-and-green kids' theater this holiday season can call off the hunt. Then, dust off the old wooden leg, strap on your most intimidating eye patch and set sail for 'Treasure Island.'"

"Ken Ludwig's adaptation of this classic novel is an adventure for the entire family...everyone is happy. Even Dad."


"[A] slick, swashbuckling romp that cleverly updates the Dumas novel ... Ken Ludwig's new version of the story simply refreshes it, distilling its energy and strengthening its timeless appeal."
The Guardian

"Ludwig tells a pacy tale with a suitable seasonal mix of merriment, musketeering, romance and the most gruesome stage death I've seen this year."
The Mail On Sunday

"Four Stars Out Of Four. The Bristol Old Vic has come up with a real winner for its festive production. Ken Ludwig's adaptation of Alexandre Dumas's classic yarn is completely in keeping with the most popular Hollywood versions."
The Bristol Evening Post

Marchello Walton as Treville-Father and George Rainsford as D'Artagnan.jpg
Marchello Walton as Treville-Father and George Rainsford as D'Artagnan

"Four Stars Out Of Four. Bristol Old Vic's spectacular new production certainly lives up to its swashbuckling billing. [It's] a mixture of love, adventure and good old fashioned values ..."
Bristol Metro

"Breathtakingly authentic. Just the right seasonal mix of low comedy, stirring music, catchphrases ancient and modern and designs that suggest Hollywood in its heyday."
The Stage (London)

"[A} humorous script, lively characters and plenty of swash-buckling action ... the best Christmas show the Old Vic has produced in several years."


"Ken Ludwig's script is fairly groaning with giggles. In short, about as much fun as you would expect, and then a little more."
Venue Magazine

"Ludwig's newest comedy is so funny, it will make sophisticated and reasonable men and women of the 21st century cackle till their faces hurt."
The Houston Press

"Leading Ladies is consistently funny - indeed, increasingly hilarious as it progresses."
The Houston Chronicle

Brent Barrett as Leo - Erin Dilly as Meg

"Look for Leading Ladies to become a staple of summer stock and community theatres. And, mind you, I mean that as a compliment."

"Ken Ludwig gives the audience something powerful and potent: laughter and a guiltless evening of Theatre-going."
Village News

"Leading Ladies is a highly combustible and continuously hilarious new comedy by Ken Ludwig, Broadway's reigning comic writer."
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Ludwig's laugh-a-second (yes, they do come that fast) farce, will surely join "Charley's Aunt" ... in the repertories of regional and community theatres for decades to come."
The San Diego Union-Tribune

"Ken Ludwig has hit it out of the park, or theatre rather, again!"
Stephens College

"Two English Shakespearean actors are down-on-their-luck - so down-on-their-luck, in fact, that they end up performing Shakespeare on the Moose Lodge circuit in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. Enter romantic interest and the need to become legitimate. This play just gets funnier as Jack and Leo hatch a plot to pass themselves off as two English women to scam an elderly woman of her fortune. Disastrous decisions lead to hilarious comedy worthy of Ken Ludwig who also penned Lend me a Tenor."
Pittsburgh Live on Leading Ladies at The Mountain Playhouse


"Funny … The production glides confidently from silly to wry, from the pratfall to the riposte … Suave Christopher Innvar and tart Veanne Cox [are] polished comic actors who seem as smart as the words they utter."
Peter Marks, The Washington Post

"Perfectly enchanting … It's quick, funny and still capable of taking a swipe or two at convention. Cox is, not to put too fine a point on it, intoxicating."
Trey Graham, Washington City Paper

"Delicious … The incomparable Nancy Robinette plays Lady Bountiful with maniacal glee."
Leslie Milk, The Washingtonian

Beaux971 - Copy 2 at 400.JPG
Julia Coffey, Nancy Robinette and Veanne Cox

"A delightful romp … A sparklingly funny evening that, under the superb direction of Michael Kahn, plays very well indeed. Innvar is often hilarious."
Brad Hathaway, Potomac Stages

"A great cast … One of the best nights you'll spend in the theater."
Grace Cavalieri, The Montserrat Review

"Sheer laugh-out-loud fun … Farquhar, Wilder and Ludwig all had such a good time skewering the institution of marriage … that laughter is the only possible reaction. Kahn has put together a superb production."
Lucia Anderson, The Free Lance-Star

"Funny is funny! Cox is pure delight. Robinette is exquisite."
Margaret Lawrence, Culpeper Star-Exponent

"A sparkling production … The dialogue crackles, the characters engage the audience's interest and sympathy, and the whole thing seems almost effortless."
Susan Berlin,

"Irresistible … A delightful holiday gift."
Marilou Donahue, Artistically Speaking

"The Beaux Stratagem's satirical portrayal of marriage and courtship is disarmingly charming and witty. One of Shakespeare Theatre's finest performances to date."
Natalie Koss, On Tap

"Laugh-out-loud comedy … In this strong cast, Veanne Cox is a standout."
Barbara Greiling, Potomac News

"A romp … with a very funny script and a lively production."
David Cannon, Sentinel Newspaper


"Somewhere up above, George S. Kaufman, Abe Burrows, Moss Hart and all those clever fellows who wrote the comedies of yesteryear are rolling with laughter, echoing the audience last night at Moon Over Buffalo. The play is nothing less than a love letter to live theater."
Boston Herald

"Wildly funny!"
ABC News

"Ken Ludwig's 'Moon Over Buffalo' tops the mayhem and pitch-perfect farce of his other hit, 'Lend Me a Tenor.'"
Orange County Register

"Moon Over Buffalo packs more comic genius onto the stage than anything in recent memory!"
USA Today

moon 1.jpg
Dennis Ryan, Carol Burnett, Randy Graff, Jane Connell, James Valentine

"Ken Ludwig is one of those rare contemporary playwrights who thinks in terms of old-fashioned knockabout farce, and that's something to be cherished."
The New York Times

"[R]oles that any actor of a certain age would give his or her soul to play."
The Boston Herald

"Comedy Triumphant. A completely side-splitting joy. Just go by 45th Street around 8 o'clock and you'll hear the theatre rollicking."

"The funniest show in New York … The comedy has audiences rolling in the aisles. The second act has a show-within-a-show spoof of "Private Lives" with everybody in the wrong costumes reading the wrong lines. This has to be one of the most hysterical things ever put onstage. I have seen Moon Over Buffalo three times! I expect you to see it once."
New York Post (Liz Smith)

"Moon Over Buffalo is hilarious! Ludwig stuffs his play with comic invention, running gags and neat sense of absurdity. An evening of farcical delight. Go and enjoy!"
New York Post (Clive Barnes)

"Moon Over Buffalo is by far Broadway's funniest, most enjoyable lighthearted play. Buy a ticket!"
Entertainment Weekly

"Riotously funny."

"A zany, madcap delight!"

"Very, very funny with lots of belly laughs!"

"Moon is raucous and hilarious!"

"[It] doesn't let you stop laughing"
The Rutland Herald

"Stuffed with comic invention, running gags and a superb sense of absurdity, this is truly a love-letter to live theatre."

"Moon Over Buffalo will certainly make you laugh!"
The Capital, Annapolis, MD


"Tom Sawyer [is] fast-moving and bright … [It] overflows with innocence and affection."
The Washington Post

sawyer 2.jpg
Tom (Joshua Park) and his friends paintin' the fence

"Joyous, wholesome, literate and wonderfully realized... guaranteed to dazzle and enchant children and adults alike."

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